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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

St. Vincent and the Grenadines

So far so good down here. I have been on board for almost a week now and after arriving in St. Vincent last Thursday night, I took the ferry out to another island called Bequia. We spent a couple of days here exploring the island and mostly relaxing on the beach and reading. We then headed south to canouan. There was not much there other than really nice beaches and a new resort being developed by Donald Trump. He is actually tearing down a mountain on the island to build new land in order to extend the airport. Terrible! Anyway, from there we went further south to Union Island and Mayreau. Another couple of small islands with nice beaches and clear water. This is what the carribbean lifestyle is all about.
We arrived back in Bequia today for the afternoon and are setting sail for St. Vincent in the morning. While there, I am planning on hiking to a few waterfalls as well as to the inside of a volcano on the island that last erupted about 20 years ago. It is supposed to be well worth the twelve hour hike! From there, I think we will depart at night in order to arrive in St. Lucia the next day for Sunrise. The island is supposed to be incredible to pull up to at Sunrise! The plan is to stay there for a few days, then head up to Dominica and on to Antigua. After that, I am not sure, but I am assuming we will proably keep heading north for a bit. Anyway, I do have to admit that I am missing everyone a lot right now. The carribbean is not the kind of place you go to make new friends. There aren't many travelers like myself down here other than on other boats, and I don't get to interact with them. The days are quite nice, swimming and snorkelling and wandering around the islands, but it get's very boring at night back on the boat, just sitting around on deck reading. It would be nice to see everyone back home!

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Anonymous said...

Floobs, you gotta go to the tutle farm on St. V. It's supposed to have tons of turtles and midgets swimming with them.

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