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Thursday, October 4, 2007

The Painful Coconut

Ahh! I could feel this damn blister forming, but needless to say, I didn’t attempt to refrain from the activity that was causing it. I first noticed it earlier in the week after hacking away at a couple of coconuts that were pretty difficult to open. We traded away our bush knife (machete) a long time ago and I have been forced to use a small rusty pathetic excuse for a knife to open up all of the coconuts given to us on board. This morning, my skin finally gave way and on my right hand, the outside of my index finger split open with an enormous blister. After feeling the pinching sensation during my morning routine of cracking open coconuts for everyone on board to drink at breakfast, it finally happened. I now have a coconut blister. It is a strange think that I have a blister from something related to eating! Throughout my life, I have had many blisters, usually do to some kind of excessive physical activity with something I haven‘t done in a while. Maybe it is the first time I rake leaves in the fall, or after continuing to swing a hammer for an entire day, or maybe even wearing a new pair of shoes that rub somewhere that I am not used to, but never has opening up something to drink ever given me a blister. I am sure I had a few soar fingernails from opening up too many cans of beer during my college days, but in that case the pain would not have been felt and by all means would have been well worth it. Now I have to spend a few days without the thirst quenching refreshment of a coconut in the morning. Life has become very difficult and with that I am considering cancelling the rest of my trip. . . .

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