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Monday, February 11, 2008

I don't wan't to leave Ton Sai!

Wow! What an amazing place Ton Sai has been. After enjoying a few days of diving and hanging out on the beaches with my friend Nina, she departed for Malaysia and I decided to become properly trained in the are of usin all of the ropes for rock climbing. I have always wanted to do more rock climbing but found myself sticking to bouldering (rock climbing at lower heights without ropes) as I couldn't be bothered with picking up another outdoor activity that required more time and more gear. Well here I am and it looks like I am going to have to make time and find a place to hang up a rope and harness back home as I think after a week of climbing in Ton Sai I have become completely addicted.
When I wasn't enjoying the rock climbing, I found myself lying in a hammock on the beach, enjoying the sun by day and the stars by night. A couple of days after Nina had gone, I decided to take a day off from climbing in order to stay out a little later at the bars and hopefully make some new friends to spend the rest of my days in Ton Sai with. After eating dinner alone, I noticed a group of Canadian girls who I met the night before eating at a nearby table. I asked if I could join them and after having a couple of drinks there, we all ventured down to the beach and pulled up a few of the comfortable beach chairs into the shape of a circle. As we all talked and enjoyed several beers while sitting around a small candle lit table in the sand, one of the Canadian girls began to stand out from all the rest. A beautiful blond haired girl named Christie, she was amazing to look at and absolutely wonderful to talk to. In the early hours of the morning, the group eventually broke up and everyone else made their way home. Christie and I however found a couple of hammocks and spent the rest of the night sipping on beers beneath the stars and talking about everything from our travels to our lives back home.
Even though we stayed out late, Christie and I spent the next day on the beach together and hiking to the nearby lagoon. She toughed out a steep climb and was completely covered in dirt by the end of it but seemed to still be having a good time. I knew that since she enjoyed getting dirty and being dragged up a mountain with me, she was definitely my kind of girl! Throughout the rest of my stay in Ton Sai, if I wasn't rock climbing, I was hanging out with Christie. She became a temporary girlfriend of sorts and it was nice to have someone to spend my days on the beach with as well as my time exploring the whole area. Now however, it is time to leave and Christie will be heading back home to Canada while I am left here to continue on with my journey. I am sad to see her go and will miss having her around. I now know how much more meaningful travel can be when you have someone you care about alongside you to share all of the incredible experiences and memories with.

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