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Sunday, January 14, 2007

Three weeks left!!!!

Well, once again I am writing from my office. Hopefully that will change soon enough. While I am actually enjoying setting up my website an blog for this trip, it is a beautiful day here in Alabama and after spending yesterday rebuilding a staircase and handrail on my mother's deck, I would much rather be out riding my motorcycle. Oh well, all this has to be done before I leave. The other task at hand for today is to sort through all of my music and decide which songs to take on my ipod with me. I have a friend who I sent a 400 gig hard drive to and he uploaded his 55,000 song library to it for me. Combine that with the 7,000 songs I already have and I am at a loss for which ones to toss on the ipod. That's a lot of songs so it is going to be a long day. Should be worth it though when I can put on my "relaxing in Tortola" playlist in a few weeks and enjoy the wind and the sound of the waves while sailing through the clear waters of the Carribbean Sea.
Other than the pre trip preps, I am heading back to Copper Mountain this week. I fly out on Wednesday and get to meet up with one of my best friends in Denver. Her name is Bay and she is currently living in New York. We have taken trips together all over the place. Now she is married and we don't get to do as much anymore. Fortunately her husband has decided to let her come snowboarding with me. This way we can hang out for a bit before I am gone for who knows how long. In Colorado, I think we are going to be living the ski bum life for a few days. We are planning on staying at my buddy John's place. He is spending the winter driving one of the shuttle buses out there. Hopefully we can get a few run's in with him when he is not driving the bus!

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