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Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Heading for the Rockies today!

Can't wait to be sliding down the slopes tomorrow! It's going to be a long day, with seven and a half hours of work, followed by a ridiculous amount of travelling on Southwest! No worries, it was a free flight anyway. Therfore the seven hours it is going to take for me to get to the place that is a three hour flight away will be worth it. Follow that with a 2 and a half hour drive and I should be pretty worn out by the time I fall asleep tonight. I think I will have been awake for around 22 hours straight.
My friend Bay that is meeting me is sick right now, so I hope she feels better and is in a better mood by the time she arrives. We are staying at my friend John's place who said the heater went out during the big storm that came through earlier in the week. I hope he had that thing working! Anyway, on another note, I am talking with a guy name Stuart who owns a beautiful 60' sailboat. He is from London and is organizing a sailing expedition arcoss the south pacific to Australia. It is looking like a pretty good set up to do join. Most likely I will. I have to talk to him this afternoon to find out a bit more information. At the moment, all sounds great and hopefully I will be joining them in Tonga in June. That will give me about three months to island hop around the carribbean, backpack south american and hit some of the highlights and then stop back by home for a couple of days to say hello before departing again. You can see more information about Stuart and the boat at Let me know what you guys think!

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Anonymous said...


Unbelievable, it sounds like you are living the gift of life to the fullest . Every day you are exploring a diff place in this creation. Good luck and look me up when you are in Bham. I am living vicariously through your experiences so keep them coming.

-Chris Greene