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Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Cambodia's beaches

Seeing as how my farmer's tan has become quite noticeable, I thought it was time to get back to the beach. I haven't seen the beach, or at least not one that had blue skies and clear water in quite sometime now. It may not seem like a long time for anyone else but for me, being away from the beach for over two months is the longest I have gone in the past two years! After spending most of the past two months in the rainy season of Borneo and Sumatra, it was time for a change and so I headed to the beach, looking for some good food, cheap beer and beautiful women!
I spent a half hour or so looking around the different guest houses of Sihanoukville for one with a view of the ocean. I had met several people who told me that I would not find a room with a view as most of the guest houses were situated across the road from the beach with their views being blocked by the many shacks that made up the beach bars and restaurants. At first glimpse, this appears to be true but after noticing a slight hill at the end of the beach, I made my way down to further investigate. After inquiring at the small reception desk if their was a vacant room at Coater's guest house, I was shown to a beautiful wooden bungalow complete with it's own bathroom and balcony with a stunning view of the sea. At over three times the cost of my room in Siam Reap, a whopping eighteen dollars, I couldn't resist the opportunity to wake up to a view of the little strip of sand known as Serendipity Beach.
I checked in, took a shower and watched the sunset from my quaint little balcony and then headed down to the beach to find some food. As I walked along the waters edge, I was greeted by the smell of grilled meet, chicken and seafood. The beach had come alive with restaurants replacing umbrellas and everywhere you looked another sign for a beach bar b que for only three dollars. Just under this almost always read Anchor Draft fifty cents! Three dollar bar b que and fifty cent beers all sitting right on the beach. I joined a couple of people already sitting and as I sat back in my cushiony round chair enjoying my beer, I looked up to see the Southern Cross and Orion filling the night sky alongside countless other stars and remembered what it is about the tropics that I love so much.

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