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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hanging out in Luang Prabang

I bumped into my friends Allison and Andrew in Luang Prabang again. They arrived the same day as me and after having dinner that night, we decided to explore the area together. After a long walk around the city and a couple of days exploring the local waterfalls, we ended up having a really good time together. The end of the second day took a short turn downhill when Allison's camera decided to quit working. She had also received some of her grades the day before and wasn't too happy about that either. As the sun was starting to set, I made the suggestion that we look past all those troubles, buy a bottle of tiger whiskey and head down to the river to watch the sunset.

Tiger Whiskey mixed 1 to 1 with coke goes down ever so smoothly. Seeing as how the coke is actually more expensive than the whiskey, I would have to say that it is pretty damn amazing. A full liter and a half of Tiger Whiskey costs $1.50. I have seen it for as low as $1 but here in a tourist town we have to pay the inflated cost. Now, the other beautiful thing about Tiger Whiskey is that you don't have a headache the next morning. I don't know what the magic substance inside is but as good as it tastes, as cheap as it is and the fact that you don't get a headache the next day makes this stuff as precious as gold. You could make millions if you sold it back in the states. I think I may have to go into business importing this stuff when I go back home!

An hour long sunset and between the three of us the bottle was gone. We set out from there to take a quick shower followed by the best pizza I have eaten in Asia. I try to avoid the western food over here because it usually turns out to be so bad but Andrew was set on pizza and he claimed he had seen someone eating one of these pizzas earlier in the day and they looked pretty good. I am now happy to say that he was dead on. I felt quite nourished after devouring an enormous thin crust pizza! Not sure of what to do after dinner, I suggested we get another bottle of Tiger Whiskey and wander around the market.

I think it was the first bottle of whiskey talking in me that thought it was a good idea but it must have been saying the same thing to Allison and Andrew as they both agreed that another bottle was a great idea. We bought a cheap bottle of water to use to mix half of the whiskey and coke in and the rest we just mixed in the whiskey bottle. Looking like a bunch of drunken winos with our bottles in hand, we set out to explore the night market.

Andrew was the only one still capable of drinking by the end of the whiskey but Allison and I managed to follow along to a bar later on that night. I watched Andrew drink one beer and he didn't appear to need it at all. When he was about half way finished, I called it a game for me and headed for home. I definitely had a good nights sleep that night, but the next day was a whole other story. We all woke up feeling a bit strange yet no one actually felt bad. The whole day however, we were walking around like a bunch of fools. Math was extremely difficult, we couldn't remember words and we were all around pretty much worthless. The only thing that was accomplished was a ride to one of the local waterfalls in a tuk tuk late in the afternoon to go for a swim in the cool waters. Even that felt like work! While I think I can still recommend the Tiger Whiskey to anyone who finds themselves around Laos or Southeast Asia, I don't recommend consuming a liter for each person throughout the course of just one night!

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