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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Trekking through the Northern Highlands

A breath of cool air! Wow, I had forgotten what cold weather felt like! I even needed my jacket at night just to stay warm. My time in Sapa, situated in the mountains of Northern Vietnam, has been long overdue. Everyday for the past two and a half months has been as hot as a day in the middle of July back home in Alabama. Combine the cool weather with stunning mountain scenery and Sapa has been one of my favorite stops so far in Vietnam.

I spent one night in the cool air of Sapa before heading off into the nearby valley to explore all of the rice paddies and minority cultures that cover the area. The trip ended up being quite spectacular with beautiful views everywhere, interesting cultures working and inhabiting the land, not to mention relaxing afternoons swimming in the cool waters of the rivers that come down from the mountains into the valley. Having seen plenty of photographs of Sapa and the nearby valley for so long, I had really wanted to visit ever since arriving in Vietnam. Now that I am here, I have to say that it is as spectacular as I imagined.

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