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Saturday, February 3, 2007

A long trip to Cananda

It's Saturday, Febuary 3rd and yesterday was supposed to be my last day at work. After realizing I was running out of time to take care of everything I need to do before leaving, and also wanting to complete the project I am working on, I decided that I would cancel my trip to Colorado and spend a few more days working before I leave. However, I am still heading to Canada today. It's about noon and after grabbing a quick bite to eat, I am heading to the airport. I am flying to Seattle through Denver and am meeting my friend John there. I think we both arrive around 8:30 tonight. From there we have about a four hour drive up to Whistler. By the time we arrive, I should be pretty tired as it will be like 3:00 in the morning my time. No worries though, that seems to always be the way travelling goes. Never really like a vacation, more like an adventure.
As for the rest of my trip, I am finalzing a few details and ready to go. It looks like I am definitely going to be hitting South America for a few months before heading back to the United States for a week and then on to Tonga in June. From there, I will be sailing through Tonga, Fiji, Vanuatu and the Eastern Coast of Australia to wind up in Sydney Harbor for New Years! Stay in touch!

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