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Sunday, February 18, 2007

The first few days - Tortola!

So here I am in Tortola! Perfect weather here, highs in the low 80's, a few poofy clouds floating around during the day and enough wind to learn how to sail. Yesterday and today were spent aboard a little 24 foot sailboat, learning the basics of sailing and what really makes the boat go as well as how to steer in any direction you wish to go. Tomorrow, I move aboard a 43 footer for the remainder of my first group of courses here until Saturday when we return to Tortola. For that trip, we will be wandering around the BVIs for the week and taking in some of the scenery above water and below as well as learning how to handle the bigger charter boats. As for the culture shock of this whole trip, it still has not set in that I am going to be gone for so long. When I consider future plans that I have on the horizon and their possibilities, it feels like time is alreday flying to fast! There are two many options and I have too many things I wish to see! Anyway, stay in touch, I should have some photos posted in a week or so, but I will let everyone know!


Anonymous said...

Sounds great. Have fun.

Chris Basselin

mack said...

hey, glad you made it...tell the ladies at the JR we said hello and will see them in about a month...have fun!