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Thursday, June 26, 2008

Climbing Emei Shan

A three day climb? Hardly! Surely I can do it in two! From top to bottom, a mere 2600 meters or just over 8,600 feet. Total distance? 95Km or 57 miles. Stairs? Well, there wasn't much of anything else other than stairs. I guestimate that between the path up and the path down I easily covered 40,000 or more stairs. Emei Shan is one hell of a mountain but I conquered it without a hitch! Even after being attacked by a bunch of monkeys, I persevered on. Cold rain pouring down on my head, no problem. Electric Blankets in a monastery that provided me refuge solved that problem. It was a hell of a journey to make in two days and would probably have been easier to do in three but I feel I have made a proud accomplishment in my life. Considering I didn't have the extra day to spend on the mountain anyway since Alison is meeting me at the end of the week in Xian, the rewards will be more than worth the effort.

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